Find Your Purpose

Many people feel they are a part of something bigger: That what we experience in this life is only a small part of some grand plan. 💫 I believe that too:} It is my prayer that you find your purpose for each moment & this life.

Seeing Auras, Chakras | Guided Visual Meditation | Binaural Tone/Music | Third eye Practice | 11:33

Feel & Know you are never alone

Consciously putting aside time to meditate and work on your life brings about a profound awareness – that no matter what the circumstances, you are never left alone in your trials. ❣️

Earth is shifting to higher frequencies

Many, who are sensitive, feel the changing of the planet, sometimes with moans and groans:{ I feel every shift with you💘 Learning how to be aware of – and manage those fluctuations of reformation brings self-awareness and ascension.

Love & Peace for the World – Connect In – Never Alone – 2020

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

There are no lines between the past, now, and the future; time, space, dimensions; It is all a part of who we are becoming. BE where what, and when you are each moment. Tick, Tock goes the Clock… ~CCStarseeds

Are you an Empath: empath help post #3

Are you an Empath: empath help post #3

Many, myself included – are what is called – empathic We empaths are sensitive to the emotions of others. Depending on our investment in life experiences and understanding of this so-called gift, we may experience other person’s emotions outside of ourselves or as our own internal pains.  Do you feel sad, mad, or other emotions …

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