Blessings All!

My name is Connie Preston Parker, in the flesh. My spiritual name is ~CCStarseeds. This blog is where I work out who I Am and how I came to Be. And to organize everything I am doing. For you see I Am Constantly Changing, I Am ~CCStarseeds.

This is my personal blog site: ConniePrestonParker.com ~ CCStarseeds.org. 

One awakens from the – One Life Dream – and realizes, we are all Eternal and have multidimensional timelines embedded. Past existence’s—everything that happens—is a-part of a master system—with No precise form. We then need an outlet to express Our-Selves. This blog is one of mine. 

Here you will find many aspects of my-self and some of the things I have and AM learning about this Spiritual Awakening and Ascension business. This is my shared personal crafting site.

I Am Constantly Changing and Consciously Creating Star-Seeds ~CCStarseedsℱ 
 Codes of Light and Love for Ascension.

I Am not alone in this sharing. My Eternal-Spiritual-Guides work through me to plant Ascension Seeds in this Network of Ascension: Ascension Seeds Network LLC

I work with my life experiences, higher-self-consciousness, Heavenly-Father-Creator, and His Messengers; Oracles – angels, councils, guides, totems, … to receive and share messages of hope and help for the Ascension processes: Navigating Ascension.

Take a look around, I hope you get inspired and creative to BE and Find your-self. 

Grow, Awaken, Ascend …

Comment if you will …

Many Blessings, Be-loved, Be Loved, U R Love & Loved!