Star-Seeded Ascensions – Messages From The Councils

Star-Seeded Ascensions – Messages From The Councils

Book Cover: Star-Seeded Ascensions - Messages From The Councils

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Two Star-Seeded friends open themselves up to a higher power in search of guidance. Each return to their higher self through hypnosis, and make connections with their Star Councils where they receive information for Starseeds, Ligamy-connie-dsc_141-bhtworkers, and Energy Healers. Journey with the authors as they travel in their light bodies through time and space to recall soul memories. Boarding their ships, they take on their spirit names, meet with their councils and guides, and receive guidance and information. Discover The Councils' description of a Starseed and the processes involved in planning their incarnations. Learn how and why Starseeds are on Earth again, and receive an introduction into the seed found in the intergalactic volunteer.


These in-depth workings of spiritual councils and guides share through channeled text, information that offers encoded frequencies, and provides opportunities for activation and light body ascensions. You're invited to join in their experiences as the authors embark on time to prepare for their mission's on Earth.



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