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Channeled Messages from the ‘Ascension Seeds Network’ of Ascended Masters, Angels, Passed over Souls, Soul Families, Councils of 8 and 12 and other Higher Frequency and Other Dimensional Beings.

What is

What is are Seeds of truth from Ascended Masters, Angels & other Entities from the Heavenly Realms and the spheres around, on, and inside, the Earth at all stations of time – A Network of Ascended Beings.

These Spiritual Beings, desire, and work towards world peace through the Ascension Process; Downloads of Wisdom and Knowledge about who we are and what we are capable of as Souls.

In acceptance – by each of us, of assigned and required Ascension Power, the Earth will Sprout New Life and be free from its bondage of Dark Forces and of pain and suffering that push her down.

It is incumbent upon each of us to fulfill our heart/souls mission of healing for ourselves, the world, and human-kind.

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Some guidelines:

Each post includes encoded wisdom and knowledge; downloaded material, that you need for Ascension into your greatest possible you, for each day you are alive.

Each AscensionSeed broadcasts: teach, lift up, carry forward and upward, the greatness of Creations unity and oneness of wisdom and activation of Soul Purpose.

The codes and information of this blog are brought forth by the physical body Connie Preston Parker as the communicator and housing for, Soul/Source/Seat: CCStarseeds, Heavenly Father Creator, and The Son and Light of God, Jesus. And their Messengers; bringers of The Light, from the Heavenly realms!

And, It Is So! Everlasting!


Consciously Creating Starseeds for Ascensionℱ