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Sayings, words of wisdom and knowledge, and parables from Connie’s Higher-self.

My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

My 56/11 birthday in 2018/11

Today, August 6, 2018, I Am 56 years re-known; living this time in the life of Connie; An Eternal Being who has experienced far and wide. I share the Birth-day message, with you, I was given early this morning from my Spirit Guides: “Life is A Broken Line.”

What does it mean? “Life is a broken line!” we expect things will end or get better, or get worse; at the very least we await things to change from what they are, and they do, of sorts.

I asked my Messengers, “you mean like the broken lines down the middle of a road?” “No,” they said. “For there are many places a soul lives where there are no roads.” And they showed me a forest with trees of all heights and thickness; some fallen, and animals, insects, and birds – of all kinds, and dirt paths laden with fallen leaves, decayed to varying levels, and shades, of greens, browns and golden yellow-orange hues. And I was one with the Broken Path of that place and this one. This is but one mystery bar-on, The Broken Line of Life and Soul! ⥵⤁↬⤠ ?

Live On … ?????

~Connie Preston Parker | CCStarseed parables



What Season is It For You?

The seasons come and go; winter, spring, summer, fall.

Winter is cold and brings the death that eventually brings the life.

Spring is crisp and sweeps clean; new life begins.

Summer brings warmth and abundant, fruitful growth.

Fall comes to blow down for the decay of winters death, for the new life of spring and summer, again . . .

So how do I know what season I am in?

Is it time to go to sleep and rest for a while?

Or plow up the grounds to make ready for planting?

Or perhaps I should plant some seeds, for a summer or winter crop?

How do I know what season I am in?

Spirit did not give me a calendar of my life.

Do I awaken, and grow into Ascension in this life until death?

Do I have to die to become made whole?

Have I already died a thousand or more deaths?

How do I know what season I am in?

I did not come with an owners manual or a set of blueprints.

I try to guess and feel my way to knowing what to do next. Will I live forever?

Yes, as the soil and seeds and fruit trees, live in one form or another, so shall I.

So what season am I in?

I am branching forth into new grounds, spreading my green foliage to the sun for shade and evergreen branches for seeded sweet fruit – to ripen in its good season.


A Word: 3-31-2017

A Word: 3-31-2017

As an Empath, Starseed, Lightworker, we will feel pain in this life, what we do with it then is a matter of the ascension process:

Hitting a home run ball into the cosmos for many Awakening and ascending beings; Today’s word from the Word of the day app. Weltschmerz: meaning sorrow that one feels and accepts as one’s necessary portion in life; sentimental pessimism. — describes what we need to do and allow where it comes to our heartfelt contracts and agreements. As we awaken to all that we are, we understand the magnitude of what we are capable of in this life. However, our greatest gifts of enhanced and inspired intuition and sensitivities, that propel us upward into great blessings of knowing, healings, awakenings, and ascension, also make us aware of the position of our loved ones and our pre or prior life agreements, contracts and karma. We want to free ourselves and those we love from the bondages of a cycle of abuse, neglect, sorrows, feelings of being unloved and so forth and so on.

As we learn to break the bonds and cords that are no longer needed from the past or sympathies of the now, now knowing we are powerful beings, we can help in healing our-self and our loved ones from an advanced ascension position of power.

However we still have our sympathies for our loved ones, we can’t help but feel what they may feel: confused, lost, alone, powerless, ugly, fat, sick, etc.; fearful.

Separating out our and their emotions is paramount in truly being able to help heal those that are in our life. When we see clearly their and ours “Weltschmerz,” as a part of the constant cycle of evolution in our and their growth into Ascension we can grow and help them grow as well.

Feeling, then recognizing that which is in our life for expansion is “sorrow that one feels and accepts as one’s necessary portion in life; sentimental pessimism.” I would, however, strive not to be pessimistic, but instead hopeful, in faith, that our loved ones and we will ascend in this lifetime.

Vibrate/Sing: I am gifted in knowing the feelings of myself and my loved ones. I always know what the highest good is in all my feelings. I know how to respond in Love to every situation. I encourage myself and others by sending out pure white light healing love to any given emotional, spiritual or physical need of myself and others.