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Ascension Seeds Network New Website

I Am in the process of building a new WordPress website for The Ascension Seeds Network LLC. This will be the place for you to find channeled messages and information for the Ascension processes: Ascension Seeds, Download Codes for Awakening, and Activation. And so much more. Our Spiritual Guides and Councils have a lot in store for us; I Am so excited to be their channel in this Network they desire to share... ~CCStarseeds

Messages From The Councils

A channeled Text, by Connie Parker & Amy Sikarskie
Year of the Self: 2019/12/3

Year of the Self: 2019/12/3

This year we will be learning, growing and ascending into more clarity of who we are destined to become in this life. We leave behind 2018, an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11). For many, this past year meant doors of revelations opening in their minds that may have escalated inner growth; Downloads of information from solar portals shifted …

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