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CCStarseeds.org Followers

CCStarseeds.org Followers

Dearest Starseeds Friends

I wanted to take a few moments to say hello, send some Reiki Source energy your wayđŸ€— , and update you on what I am working on…

Know This

It has taken me some time to come to grips with a few of my:~gifts:}, namely being an Empath and all that means
But I believe I Am on time…

The results of this life-long, arduous journey (does🙏) mean—I Have buckets of Ascension Seeds I would love to share with you. But for this time, I am given the Totem—Tortious for this sharing journey—be patient and steady. Go within my shell-home when needed for rest and safety…

Not easy for a life-path/soul number 5 Constantly Changing Being like myself.

Anyway, I wanted to give all of you some encouragement; Important things are being worked on in me—for us…

Just like Great things are being worked on IN you—for us…

Here are a few SEEDS currently Being activated:

1. Now Published: Tilikum’s Ascension, A Captive Killer Whale Soul Rescue, Soul Journey And Spiritual Life Parable For Us All, is now available on the Amazon platform in paperback and Kindle eBook versions. Also, I Am receiving and holding Ascension Seeds Codes for a video/podcast series entitled “Diving Deeper,” which guides us deeper into the messages hidden within Tilikum’s story.

2. I Am working on the third book in the Star-Seeded Ascension series, Awakening the Star-Seed Within. It is a channeled text covering some of the basic premises touched on in book one, Messages From The Councils, and book two, Activating The Starseed.

3. I Am creating a new website for the Ascension Seeds Network for its channeled messages and teachings. You can find the work in progress at AscensionSeedsNetwork.com.

4. I Am organizing all the notes upon notes I have stored in my mind and software applications to unearth and bring forth ALL I Am learning…

5. And I Am Still being downloaded daily with new lessons and information and adding them to a more organized system for future sharing…

I Am now holding time-space for each day âłâš–ïž to Consciously Create ~CCStarseeds, order out of 58 years, (that’s how old I am,) of life lessons as a Starseed born open and attracting what needed healing. OM, oh my😳 (You can read more about that in Messages From The Councils)

I want you all to know you have been on my heart and mind. Our Spiritual Councils and Guides know our needs, hear our cries, and provide helpful information. They just have to get us, the vessels for their messages, to a point where we can listen to, understand, and implement them. On most days anyway:) We still have a way to go regarding receiving their administrations full-time.🙏

Appreciate the Rose: color, texture, form, aroma, stems and leaves—and Thorns; the roots go deep…


I could go on forever. But life calls.

Blessings BeLoved: you are Loved—you are Love…

Daily Date Message: 5-6-2017

Daily Date Message: 5-6-2017

Today’s date 5+6+2017/1=12/3

Taking in all that we are; body, spirit, thought & Higher-self, soul, intention, creates the life we intended. -CCStarseeds✹

Pathways: Only by recognizing all that we are can we live the life we had planned. Today ask us to breath in all that we are – to become all that we are. We are an Earthly Body, and we are an Eternal Soul.

Vibrate/Sing: I Am All that I Am!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascensionℱ