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7/28/2020 Daily Date Seed

7/28/2020 Daily Date Seed

Find Love 2—Look in and up 8 

This #7 month has had us examining our lives: What we have done and who we have been in the past, and where we will go from here.

As the #7 month of reflection comes to an end, we move into the #8 — repeating cycles — bringing understanding, unity, joy, and abundance into our lives; Heaven on Earth.  — If we can breathe into our life—faith. 

Today’s #2 and #8 energy is a preview and precursor to next month’s energy pattern — August, the 8th month of 2020: #2 love and partnerships, and #8 looking inside ourselves to find peace with our world.

As we move into the #8 month, the two 0s of 2020 merge together, forming another 8 — we continue to have those circles of the 8 in the upper and lower parts of our life. But they are cycles reminding us to look within and up. 

Blessings BeLove, you are love and loved…


Daily Date Mantra: February 13

Daily Date Mantra: February 13

daily date mantra 2/13

Daily Date Mantra for 2/13


Love streams through me in every season of life – Revealing my soul purpose…


Take one moment to inhale the Breath of Life and Love…

Exhale, Into the world, Life Purpose, Love and Light. Repeat often …

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6/5/2018 meditation

6/5/2018 meditation

Today is an 11 doorway day (6+5=11) in an already open year (2018=11). What doors are opening in your mind’s eye, imagination for this year? Take some steps today to walk through the door of a forever future. ????? CCStarseeds

Daily Date Message 9/6/2017

Daily Date Message 9/6/2017


This year will soon come to a close today asked us to: Finish #9 what we have begun in regards to #6 soul and body integration in this #1 path year. Our #1 path declares that we find a communion between our #6 body and soul. Then we will find #7 rest.


 I know that I Am spirit and body. I live a blessed and fulfilled life. I rest in the knowing that my higher self and Source has a plan for me in this life. Today, I am living my Soul purpose … 


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