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Are you an Empath: empath help post #3

Are you an Empath: empath help post #3

Many, myself included – are what is called – empathic

We empaths are sensitive to the emotions of others. Depending on our investment in life experiences and understanding of this so-called gift, we may experience other person’s emotions outside of ourselves or as our own internal pains. 

Do you feel sad, mad, or other emotions with no obvious cause? Do you want to eat when you shouldn’t be hungry? Do you get bloated, swollen, body aches, sick, irritable, and so forth, and so on for no apparent reason? You could be carrying the weight of the world in your body.

Can you relate to any of these statements? I have felt called to help others, for as long as I can remember. I feel as though everything I have gone through is so that I can help others. Or, as my dad, an unknowing empath, used to say, “No one can handle me, I can’t even handle myself.” 

What are your recurring thoughts and feelings about your mission or calling in life?

Are you an Empath?

For me, when I train myself in an endeavor to live healthier or happier – in my mind, a vision of anonymous others stands before me. For example: In writing this I see – You, my fellow Empath’s, rise up. 

It has taken me most of my life to begin to understand my visions and desires. And too, that the way I see things is not always the best for me. Just because I am a certain way, doesn’t mean I should live that way. I have to seek BalancE in who I am and what I do. Sometimes, I have to save myself first before I could help save another, even loved ones. If I drownd in the sorrows, I am feeling what good am I to anyone else?

During this global unrest, many sensitive people find themselves channeling the woes of the world. Not to mention the abundance of emotions shared with loved ones. The global collective often taking precedence, by sheer number to overwhelming odds. 

Sleeping times may be rot with bad dreams. On top of that, stomach and health issues may become a concern as the empath channels the adversarial energies. 

Some reading this may realize, for the first time, they have the gift of empathy, caring for the many. So, the question to us empaths becomes what do we do about it; how do we preserve our mental and physical health issues as we take on the concerns of the world. 

The road of empathy is not chosen; it just is. 

Some things that may aid you on your path:

  1. Get plenty of rest – when you can.
  2. Pray/meditate in peace often: Surround yourself and loved ones and then the world with peace. 
  3. Fast. Eat foods easy to digest.
  4. Limit stimulants, like caffeine. 
  5. Practice, through consciously exploring your internal emotions – from where your negative issues come from: are they your concerns, loved ones, or global angst? 

The world is getting smaller as we recognize – we are all connected. So goes you, so goes me, so goes my loved ones and everyone. When I am healthy, you are healthy.

My shared Prayer Mantra:

I – BreathE in and out forcefully; I am a force of Creation … I BelievE that all things are teaching us to – find BalancE in everything we are becoming … I will BE in this moment – in peace. I send out Blessings of peace – that no matter the individual circumstances, together, we all will find eternal, everlasting peace that surpasses all earthly concerns. My/our soul lives forever in peace…


BeLoved Empath Freind’s Post#2:

BeLoved Empath Freind’s Post#2:

The weekend has brought the family to mind, heart, and soul. Here are some things I have noticed you can try to minimize friction in your life.
We each have different aspects of empathy in combination with other spiritual gifts; the experiences of One does not constitute the need or experience of another. Take this opportunity of great need to test your spiritual gifts and help others in whatever way you can.
  1. Your emotions may be heightened and uncontrollable at times. Remember: Just because you think a thing doesn’t mean you have to say it. These emotions may feel personal and real, but they will subside at some point when reason takes control back. You don’t want to perpetuate negativity, causing future problems you don’t need or want.
  2. Understand that others you are engaging with are feeling anxieties also. Just walk away if you can. Keep your mouth shut for sure.
  3. Walk away and isolate – go into a closet of prayer. I know it seems like increased isolation is cruel punishment to what is supposed to be a Gift From God – Empaths are called to know and understand the suffering of the world—your working on getting your angel wings. It’s time to go to work.
  4. Use spiritual tools for centering: Holy text—positive Mantras, affirmations, and prayer. Bring, Rosaries, worry beads, crystals, candles, music, baths, incense, whatever you have on hand that helps you center and understand your part in all this to play.
  5. When you are fatigued by other’s negative energy: put on headphones and listen to music or a book. Read, write, watch a movie. Do something to change the attention of yourself or your loved ones.
  6. Please share with us what things are helping you cope during this emotional outbreak.
  7. Share this post with others in need.

Blessings to ALL

Connie Preston Parker ~CCStarseeds