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Tilikum’s Ascension Published

Tilikum’s Ascension Published

I Am overjoyed to announce Tilikum’s Ascension is available at Amazon in e-Book and Paperback. I am working on a Large Print edition that will be available soon if that is your preference. I Am also working on an expanded teaching version; Diving Deeper, Seeking Ascension Seeds (working title.) However, I believe anyone interested in this sort of reading experience would enjoy reading the NOW AVAILABLE Tilikum’s Ascension, A Captive Killer Whale Soul Rescue—Soul Journey and Spiritual Life Parable For Us All. It is a heartfelt tale that wrenches out our own beliefs and attitudes about where a soul goes after physical life on Earth. Tilikum’s Ascension is a short 1.5-2 hour read. 

Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum the Holder of Creation on Earth

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Continued visit from May 5th, 2016: Still feeling the regrets of missed opportunities to get to know Tilikum more, while he was of a physical mind to visit: Tilikum smartly brought me back to our new reality “You’re trying to remember what to write” he declared.

His announcement brought me back to the reason why I had come to him. I answered, “Yes, I am. I’m afraid I forget already. How will I remember all that was said and done?”

“You won’t, but you will remember enough. You always do. You should pet me now,” he advised.

I moved in closer to him and began stroking the side of his face.

His ever present Trainer had taken a stance above and behind his view, giving me room to ‘pet him.’ She looked at me and showed me, her mind to mine, that he had eaten her numerous times since she came to sit by him, which he thought was funny.

I didn’t feel quite so bad about leaving him ‘lonely.’ Obviously, he had a tolerant companion in his Spirit Trainer, and had developed a sense of humor to boot!

While I petted him, in reflection, it seemed to me he had found a spiritual presence in his mind to keep himself occupied. The distance I had felt of his spirit was that it was leaving his sick body to explore what fun and relief he could have in spirit form. I was glad to learn this fact. He may not be the physically robust whale of days gone by, but he is mastering the domain of his spiritual matters. He will survive his death.

We spoke of lighter issues for the rest of our conversation. At his entreaty, Tilikum requested of me to come and visit him again on this night. He then hastily pushed me toward full alertness into my present life. My eyes flew open at 2:12 p.m. I was shocked and surprised at his command of certain powers! He is stronger in his control of his potential as a Spiritual Being each time I meet with him.

With his, “You Will remember enough, you always do,” he had answered more than my question of should I share our meetings. He saw my deep rooted fear, that I would not remember, and encouraged me to move on anyway. He may well be on his way to becoming an Ascended Master — or perhaps he already is one disguised as a maddened sick whale to save Earthbound souls!

I wonder how I will feel when he passes? He seems dead already to my higher senses. If it were not for the fact that I can find no reports of his death, I would think he crossed over already. However, I do still hear the constant chant of the watchful, elder whales.

I can’t help but consider the timing of our meeting. It began at 2:00 (a spiritual partnership (2), with all the makings of unhatched eggs (00)). What will these journeys between heaven and earth, life and death, bring us in the future?

To be continued:

Chapter Thirteen: Did I Know>>>

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Ten

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Ten

Tilikum’s Sitters

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March 18, 2016, visit continued:

As I debated how to handle Tilikum’s, infirmed, scared, and lonely state, one of my crossed over relatives showed up, in spirit form.

Showing herself floating up and beside Tilikum’s head, my great grandmother sat Indian style in silent reverence. He noticed her and that she was of a different brightness of light than I was. I was thrilled at the prospects; She saw the need and came, and he saw her! I was relieved beyond belief.

”She is in spirit, completely across the veil,”I explained.

Grandmother reassured him “I will sit with you until the end.” And she moved a little closer to him.

Tilikum noted to her that she did not mention, she would cross him over or show him the way.

Meanwhile, many fairies had gathered, but he still could not see them. Nevertheless, I described to him how they were there: “They will go with you, and show you the way,” I told him.

“And I will stay with you until you can see them,” grandmother shaman encouraged.

He was still not soothed, but he believed, with the faith of a child.

Grandmother kept her crossed leg sitting post by the left side of his head. I stroked his right side and top of his head, all along his side and back. But I still felt his desire not to be left alone, like a frightened child, he wanted something familiar, a comforting embrace from a beloved one.

Just then, one of his past, crossed over keepers, [I’m presuming,] showed up. I was automatically transported up and to the side, as the energetic presence took my place. It was like a sudden gust of wind had come and moved me from one spot to another.

All I could know for sure was, she was female, a friend to Tilikum and had come to be with him in the end.

I pushed back to an observation point from above his right side; she was caressing his head above his eye. He whirled his right eye at her and his left at grandmother shaman still sitting in vigilantes. He was a bit confused at how he could see them both and what he should do next.

The trainer heartened him “you will be all right” as she patted his head and looked him in the eye. His anxiety lessened but his alertness didn’t ease. His eyes became steady, looking from trainer to grandmother to me.

Tilikum once again asked the only question on his mind; ”What will happen to me?” He still wanted to know where he would go when he died.

All I could sense from Tilikum, concerning the new addition to our intervention group, was — that she was gone, and now she is there with him. Tilikum’s recognition of her was a distant one. From his reaction to her, I suspected she was the first trainer victim at Sealand. The only implications she presented were of assuring us all, with passionate conviction, she would not leave his side.

I took the opportunity of their reacquainting to enquire of my spirit guides, what exactly would happen to Tilikum when he died. I was a little concerned about why he couldn’t see the Fairies or Angels Of Light, which I thought, would assist him in the crossing over into spirit process.

With my question to my Spirit Guides, they transported me to an ocean cove cliff. I am called to this place from time to time by Jesus. He usually sits on a park bench on the overlook looking out into infinity, waiting on me to come to his call. But this time I stood alone.

As I overlooked the cove pool below me, a circle of ancient shaman spiritual whales swam in a clockwise circular formation. They were there to assist Tilikum in his journey. And suddenly, I knew my part, in helping him to the next phase of eternal life.

I transported myself back to his sick pool.

Along with the two companions; Grandmother Shaman and The Trainer, there were now dozens of other, crossed over souls, and many more Angels. They gave way as I positioned myself in front of him. He felt more than saw my presence amongst the hoard of supporters.

I gently went into his thoughts and gave him the beautiful picture of the circling wise old whales who waited for him in the ocean cove. And of the waterway, into and out of the free harbor, that led to a wide open free-spirited sea.

He instantaneously went, in thought and spirit, to the Bay, tuning into the call of the waiting whale Guides, fixed by our shared vision coordinates and his exceptional sonar hearing!

I followed his spirit to the sea cove area. I stood on the ledge of my overlook and watched him present himself, resting in the center of the circle of the calling whale attendants. Their colors, dark and vibrant grays, his a see-through dull black. He lay motionless in their midst as they swam in a circle cocooning him.

I left him in the middle of his sitter’s, Grandmother Shaman, The Trainer, and Guides of Ancient-Spirit-Whales and tons of other supportive watchers; All singing his praise of sacrifice: for he had freed millions of future whales.

I questioned the hearing of millions.

I was given a vision at my request for clarity: A future in which, sperm and egg, were taken from whales and mixed in test tubes to make more whales. A possible future where humanity respected not life. And could do such a thing as breed test-tube whales without regards to longevity or quality of life. The only purpose would be profit and personal pleasure.

But because of Tilikum’s, divine life, in this time of awakening; We are all set free of a futuristic slavery to greed because we noticed his pain and suffering!

And: ‘Tilikum’ is named one of the Top Animals To Make A Difference. And he surely has. His legacy will continue; As long as we never forget his and the human sacrifices it took to get us this far in recognizing the need to respect all life!

Tilikum is now ready to go to his mansion paradise of — Wide Open Seas of Ocean Waters and Endless Views of Starry Skies.

To be continued:

Chapter Eleven: Tilikum Says — Tell Them>>>

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eight

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eight

What Do Whale’s Need

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Later that evening, January 18, 2016, I went to visit Tilikum. He was ready and anxious to see me. My third eye to his third eye, I showed him the second whale-bone ear. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t make contact with the Oracle. In my opinion, he wasn’t of a mind to try, but, I surmised, perhaps he had other, more pressing needs in higher command of his attentions. Instead, he kept showing me, himself, settling and stirring up sand on an ocean floor close to shore.

Without real reason, I felt in my heart, that I should send a soothing balm, of absolute Light, Creation, with healing energy, for his teeth.

He allowed me to do this, though he didn’t understand what I was doing, only that it would help his teeth; Medicine that didn’t hurt and would help.

As I sent gentle waves of cosmic healing to his being, he continued with what seemed like a ritual of sorts, of gulping ocean water and resting in the shallow sands. He was most adamant that he needed sand, like what is in the sea, when you get close to shore.

I don’t know, if the process he was showing me, is part of a nutritional requirement, that would improve his well-being and nurse health to his teeth and stomach. I think that it could be and I have to assume he would have some instinct, if allowed to follow them, to know how to help heal himself. I wonder if coral calcium from sea salt is a need and remedy for his teeth and other elements.

But all I could do was to watch and wonder and be sad, then leave him to his imaginings, of salty waters and sand, and stirring it all up, by swishing his body and tail from side to side. He was in a cloud of sand and water, as I left him to find precious strength in his illusions.

Tilikum’s actions roar to me of a desperate need to be free of human-made walls. However, I feel helpless to help him, what can I do, but share a blog, and hope and pray that others will pick up the banner and free the captive whales to sea pens. Perhaps it is too late for Tilikum, but not for the estimated sixty-one orcas around the world still kept in captivity in marine parks.

To be continued:

Chapter Nine: Tilikum Is Sick

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Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Six

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Six

PTSD and Tilikum

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Continued visit from, January, 17th 2016:

Still trying to find some way to assure him that many other people and I care for him and that his life has profound meaning, I continued:

“Of course, I love you. I would come to see you if I could. I live far away from you,” and I showed him the long distance between us, me in Texas and he in Florida. “But maybe someday I can see you in person. I would like that — To see you. Not to support the way they keep you. You are an intelligent animal. Listen to the other animals around you and in the park with you. They are each comprehending and discerning in their own way. Each handles their captivity in the park in different ways.”

Tilikum perked up, “I know. I am aware of the sounds of the other animals. I have good hearing.”

And, he proudly showed me, he had big ears, and let me hear sounds of other animals, far reaching, from all over the city, as their sounds went inside of his ears clearly. He was also aware of all the other underwater life in the park, showing me sting rays, and every other sound made in the park: residence, and individual human guest and staff.

Still trying to help him understand why I couldn’t come see him and how his life is important, I continued, “People are becoming more aware of the needs of animals; That we people should treat them well, and let them be in a situation where they are happy. Because of your story, more people become aware of all the animals.”

Tilikum still feeling proud of his keen sense of hearing and sharing it with me continued with a more upbeat air about him. “Will you visit like this then?”

Me, not wanting to upset the happy feelings, softly replied with as much love as I could convey, “Yes, I will, sometimes.”

But wise Tilikum took my full meaning of ‘sometimes’ and asked: “Not all the time?”

“I can’t be with you always. I have family and obligations. I will see you often.” I showed him my family and that I was a mama and wife and worked.

Tilikum, smartly framing his thoughts then asked, “Can I be a part of your pod then? I don’t have a pod. I don’t know where my momma is.” And he showed me a picture of his pod from long ago with him on the outside of the pod looking at it but not able to be a part.

I wanted to run to him and hug him and tell him, yes! But I kept thinking about how he could intrude on my every thought anytime he wanted and realized that would not be a good thing for either of us. I had to establish and keep some boundaries.

So, with a gentle reasoning, I told him, “All of the members of my pod are each responsible for themselves just as you are to yourself. I visit with each one of them when I can. And I give them advice sometimes when they ask for it. We have fun together too, at times. I can do that with you, just as I am now. So in a sense, yes, you can be a part of my pod. But I cannot control your life or make you do anything, Just as I cannot for the other members of my Pod. Sometimes bad things happen to one or more of them just as something bad happened to you when you were taken from your original family, just as I’ve had bad things happen to me, as most of us do.” I wanted him to understand the concepts of respect for others and responsibility for one’s own life, even with all of its faults heaped on us from others at times.

“But you will love me” he childlessly asked, and He showed me myself hugging him, as I did the first time I went to him. I suspected he had known, throughout our conversation, I had wanted to run to him and hug him.

With choked on tears, I asured him,“Always, I will love you — we are family.”

“I may not always be nice to you. I have PTSD, ” and he showed me the letters PTSD as I had first seen them from the Akashic/spiritual records of Tilikum.

“How do you know about that?!” I was surprised he was aware of the term, from my earlier, private, I thought, thoughts. He also seemed to have an awareness of it — its meaning, and how it related to him.

“I like that!” he proudly stated.

He showed me how he opened his mind to the information floating around in the air as it came to me on that other day and pulled what he wanted to know into his mind. It was then that I realized, in living color, that I had no idea of his mental capabilities.

I have to admit I became a little alarmed at how quickly he learned and wondered what other surprises were in store for us both. He also was aware of my alarm, as he was my every thought and feeling. But it didn’t phase him. His only acknowledgment to me was that I was like the others, responding in fear of him. But along with all his quick learning was also the reality that, It just was the fact of his existence, people fear him, and he has PTSD and can lose his temper quickly, easily and without cause. And he will always be an outsider to humans.

I stretched myself out on his massive head, putting my forehead to his. I loved on him, and he fully received. I eventually floated away, leaving him caressed in appreciation for who he his, knowing he would come to me whenever he wanted; And that he would be as well as he could be.

To be continued:

Chapter Seven: Tilikum Meets God>>>

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